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Chinese National Day Action in Shanghai | Bamboo Compass

Chinese National Day Action in Shanghai

by China Travel
Posted: September 24th, 2009 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Editor's note: Everyone is talking about the National Day celebrations in Beijing...but what's going on in Shanghai for National Day? Smart Shanghai's sexy columnist Matsume was written a great little advice piece about what to expect... And if you have any other questions, she's got fantastic advice on everything from where to buy a good vibrator in Shanghai to why you boyfriend is cheating on you, so go ahead and Ask Matsume.  This gal is always full of surprises and cheeky wisdom and her column rarely fails to make us laugh out loud and marvel at her bravery. From Matsume: National Day -- October 1 -- is one of the craziest days in Shanghai, besides Chinese New Year. The night leading up to National Day -- September 30 -- is the day when every person and their dog in Shanghai comes out to march on the Bund. Why the Bund? I have no fricken idea. Seriously. But every year the Bund is PACKED, shoulder to shoulder with people. It's crazy! And it's not just the millions of people you're dealing with, but millions of people with blow-up hammers. I don't know how that whole thing got started, either, and neither did the several Chinese people I asked, but there you go. Nanjing Lu gets shut down and people start marching it in the evening. Starting all the way from Jing'an Temple, people slowly make their way towards the Bund -- buying up every inflatable hammer, basher, bunny, and pair of wings they can find. If you have some pent up anger, this is the night to go out. Buy yourself a blow-up hammer, walk down Nanjing Lu and just start hammering people. As far as I can tell, this seems to be the thing to do. It can be fun but it can also be the most annoying thing ever. I always wondered why they didn't hold the National Day fireworks show at the Bund. I personally think that this would be the best place to have it. All the restaurants and hotels would benefit and there would be space for all the people to see them. Plus, everybody walks down to the Bund that night anyways! For what? I have no f**king idea! Or maybe everybody else is just like you -- maybe everybody thinks there will be some fireworks down there. But there aren't any organized shows. Because every year, the big fireworks show is at Century Park in Pudong. But it is an amazing show! Really. As good as the one in Sydney or in Vancouver. The Symphony of Fire. Amazing fireworks that are orchestrated along to music. It's really worth the trek out there to bum-fuck nowhere. I think last year Switzerland, Japan, Britain, and Argentina had teams down there. I'm not sure which countries are participating this year but go check it out. It's on for three days: Sept 30, Oct 3, and Oct 6. You better double check that. I'm too lazy. Also, try to buy your tickets before hand. The gates are a war zone with scalpers. Be prepared. And of course try to get there earlier. And don't be stupid and meet your friends there, you'll never find each other. CONTINUE READING the original post National Day Action on Smart Shanghai.
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