China's most romantic hotels: The Lalu, Taiwan

Culture | by Stephan Larose
Posted: February 22nd, 2011 | Updated: May 13th, 2011 | Comments
[showtime] Trying to find China's most sensuous suite can be quite the challenge. With our China's sexiest stays: China's top 10 romantic hotels piece we gave you an idea of what romantic retreats China has to offer. It's a good place to start, but to be sure you're booking the right room for a weekend of love, your knowledge of each hotel's offerings must be more intimate. To that end we've asked each hotel to tell us more about themselves, giving you the info you need to make sure your seductive sojourn goes just as planned.... Here we take a closer look at The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, one of Asia's leading design hotels. What are the Lalu's most romantic features? Lalu: We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our lighting design sets the mood, a design objective that's been a priority since the hotel's inception. During the day natural sunlight and artificial lights work in harmony to create dramatic effects using the sun's movement, light and shadows outside of guest rooms and in public spaces. Once night falls, our computerized lighting system creates a totally different atmosphere. There  are also plenty of little details like candles floating in the reflecting pond, on tables in guestroom balconies and along passages leading to the Villas. What spa treatment would the hotel recommend to couples? Lalu: Our signature Jade Massage treatment. Two therapists work in concert to sooth the mind, subdue stress and relieve all tension. Couples can enjoy treatments together in rooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over Sun Moon Lake. Once our therapists have finished transporting you into a perfectly relaxed state, you can enjoy a private bath together in the spa's oversize tub. What is the Lalu's most romantic room? Lalu: Our spacious Courtyard Pool Villa features its own outdoor garden, private swimming pool and a pavilion with table, chairs and sofa. One of the villa's most notable features is its open-sky shower, great for guests who love exposure to natural elements. In the evening, candles are placed all along the pool's edge, accenting the lighting emanating from underwater. Where is the most romantic place to dine in the hotel? Lalu: You'll want to reserve at The Oriental Brasserie. We serve contemporary Western cuisine served in full view of the lake and surrounding mountains. You can dine in the main dining room, but for the best atmosphere you should be seated on the outdoor terrace. What are the most romantic things to do in the hotel’s vicinity? Lalu: You don't need to go anywhere to enjoy a romantic evening. We can arrange a candle light dinner in your villa's private pavilion. Our chef can prepare a custom menu according to your tastes and preferences tailored for the occasion. Not only that, but if you'd like to enhance the evening with some live music, we can arrange to have anyone from violinists, to jazz bands, to harpists to guzheng players to play just for you. Note that travel between Mainland China (the People's Republic of China) and Taiwan (the Republic of China) can require a few extra visa and flight-arrangement hoops for some travelers. Browse more of China's top 10 most romantic hotels.
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