China's most romantic hotels: Linden Centre, Dali

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Posted: June 17th, 2011 | Updated: May 4th, 2012 | Comments
[showtime] Trying to find China's most sensuous suite can be quite the challenge. With our China's sexiest stays: China's top 10 romantic hotels piece we gave you an idea of what romantic retreats China has to offer. It's a good place to start, but to be sure you're booking the right room for a weekend of love, your knowledge of each hotel's offerings must be more intimate. To that end we've asked each hotel to tell us more about themselves, giving you the info you need to make sure your seductive sojourn goes just as planned.... Here we take a look at the luxurious Dali valley, Yunnan. What is the Linden Centre's most romantic feature? Linden Centre: A destination off the beaten path in the foothills of the Himalayas, the romantic nature of the Linden Centre revolves around its location. From mountain top to lakeside scenery, couples explore romance in the most natural of environments where every Jin Hua thoroughly enjoys the quality of time spent with her A Peng. What spa treatments would the hotel recommend to couples? Linden Centre: In the absence of a formal spa, massages from local Dali area masters soothe and relax the soul as a prelude to an extra special night at the Centre. What is the most romantic room in the hotel? Linden Centre: Our room #9 sits on the top of the second courtyard, overlooking a field of green as the apron to our Xizhou village. The view beyond the 110 protected older buildings in Xizhou, extends up the snow-capped Cang Mountains—we can only imagine what adventures lie off in the distance for our couple. Where is the most romantic place to dine in the hotel? Linden Centre: As a healthy breakfast of fruit, eggs, and fresh Yunnan coffee is prepared for you, the sun begins to crescendo from the East. Sitting and dining on the terrace does not need to be limited to the morning, as the setting sun is an equally beautiful sight. This is especially true when accompanied by a good bottle of Yunnan wine, specially prepared fish from Lake Erhai, and a serving of erkuai (ěrkuài, 饵块), a local rice-based specialty which is divine when mixed with chicken and a special sauce. What romantic things are there to do in the hotel’s vicinity? Linden Centre: Take a horse-cart ride with your A Peng or Jin Hua down to the tongue of the lake. Here you can walk down memory lane while you stroll through a miniature bamboo forest that opens up into a beautiful view of Lake Erhai. Many of our couples enjoy walking through the fields together, hiking up the Cang Mountains on the cloud path, and/or sharing and learning together through their experience with folks from the village, many of them with stunning smiles to share. And Xizhou, particularly for our city-dwelling guests, offers a rare opportunity for couples to sit together under the moon and stars, searching for the occasional star that shoots across the sky.

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