China's Most Romantic Hotels: HOMA Chateau, Guilin

Culture | by Stephan Larose
Posted: May 20th, 2011 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
[showtime] Trying to find China's most sensuous suite can be quite the challenge. With our China's sexiest stays: China's top 10 romantic hotels piece we gave you an idea of what romantic retreats China has to offer. It's a good place to start, but to be sure you're booking the right room for a weekend of love, your knowledge of each hotel's offerings must be more intimate. To that end we've asked each hotel to tell us more about themselves, giving you the info you need to make sure your seductive sojourn goes just as planned... Here we take a look at  Guilin, a boutique hotel with unique themed rooms located in Yuzi Paradise modern sculpture park. What are the most romantic aspects of the HOMA Chateau, Guilin? HOMA Chateau: It's honestly very difficult to pick one aspect of the hotel to be the most romantic. HOMA is a design hotel focused on the tranquility of art and nature. Every space is calm and quiet, but has vibrant artistic elements as well. The small sculptures and paintings throughout the property, the careful unique design of each space--this is a very special and romantic place from many perspectives. What spa treatments would the hotel recommend to couples? HOMA Chateau: With Flying Spa's 15 uniquely designed, fully integrated treatment rooms, couples can enjoy any massage treatments together, never having to leave the room. Couples will be given their own personal massage room—even duplex rooms for some treatments. One of our most popular massage treatments is the Flying Massage. From the spa menu: "Combining the secrets of ancient Thai massage and Tui Na with the healing acupressure techniques of Chinese Meridian and Collateral Theory, the Flying Massage is designed to alleviate fatigue and rejuvenate the body. Starting from the feet, various acupoint areas are massaged to release accumulated tension, relax the muscles, and strengthen the body." What is the most romantic room in the hotel? HOMA Chateau: With no two rooms alike among HOMA's total of 46, it's very difficult to choose a "most romantic." However, HOMA's cave-themed rooms, inspired by the karst landscape of Guilin, are quite popular with young couples and honeymooners. (Picture appears in slideshow above.) Where is the most romantic place to dine in the hotel? HOMA Chateau: With the visually stunning sculpture park framed by Guilin's karst mountains all around, al fresco dining at HOMA is a favorite of couples. Perhaps the most popular of the property's various outdoor locations is the lakeside. With the sculptures and mountains reflecting across the lake in the light of dusk, it's a romantic spectacle guests never forget. What romantic things are there to do in the hotel’s vicinity? HOMA Chateau: A popular outdoor excursion for couples staying at HOMA is taking a day-trip to the neighboring village of Yangshuo. After taking a promenade through the old streets and stone bridges and eating in a local restaurant, couples loves to end their night at the famous Impression Sanjie Liu lightshow before coming back to the hotel for the perfect night's sleep.

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