China's most romantic hotels: Fuchun Resort, Hangzhou

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Posted: June 3rd, 2011 | Updated: June 3rd, 2011 | Comments
[showtime] Trying to find China's most sensuous suite can be quite the challenge. With our China's sexiest stays: China's top 10 romantic hotels piece we gave you an idea of what romantic retreats China has to offer. It's a good place to start, but to be sure you're booking the right room for a weekend of love, your knowledge of each hotel's offerings must be more intimate. To that end we've asked each hotel to tell us more about themselves, giving you the info you need to make sure your seductive sojourn goes just as planned.... Here we take a look at Hangzhou, a spacious resort amid lush,  tea-covered hills. What are the Fuchun Resort, Hangzhou's most romantic features? Fuchun Resort: The atmosphere and space. We have 148 hectares (365.7 acres) of land with a 18-hole golf course. What spa treatments would the hotel recommend to couples? Fuchun Resort: The Himalayan Ambrosia (Healing Gem Therapy) is a great for couples. Inspired by ancient Tibetan Tantras and the belief that the body is a reservoir of wisdom and remedy, The Himalayan Ambrosia uses Tibetan herbs and precious gems to awaken the healing power within. The Gem Therapy begins with the cleansing of the body with fragrant Himalayan tea and buttermilk body scrub. Made from antioxidant rich black tea, finely ground mountain salt and skin softening buttermilk, the scrub thoroughly exfoliates the skin and removes impurities. Once cleansed, healing gems are placed on the body’s chakra points and heated with cinnamon and sage moxa to restore the flow of energy and allow the body’s natural healing process to begin. A chakra massage followed by roasted black sesame and barley flour wrap center and revitalize the body’s energy while powerful crystals are used in the Rejuvenating Crystal Facial to assist skin cell renewal and reduce signs of aging. A soothing and calming cardamom, cinnamon, and honey milk bath complete the healing therapy. What is the most romantic room in the hotel? Fuchun Resort: The Fuchun villa. It has a private outdoor Jacuzzi within the serenity of outdoor greens and bushes. The Hotel also has a spectacular Villa Zone of twelve villas in all (a total of 20 guest rooms). All feature a pantry, private balcony, outdoor Jacuzzi and stunning, light-flooded entrance atriums, plus any other guest service you might expect from a fine resort. Hotel Villas range in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms (68-262sqm). Where is the most romantic place to dine in the hotel? Fuchun Resort: Lake Lounge; it provides a speculative view overseeing the tea plantation and the lake giving away the sense of tranquility. Fuchun Resort is all about ambiance, which means that every meal taken here, whether in the grandest of dining rooms or simply room service in one’s villa or hotel room, is an uplifting culinary and sensory experience. What romantic things are there to do in the hotel’s vicinity? Fuchun Resort: If the weather is right, a boat ride for two across the lake serenaded by a Chinese flute is very romantic. Couples can also try their hand at tea-picking during tea harvest seasons.

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