China Travel Photo(s) of the Day: Beijing's Opposite House brings a curatorial eye to hotel design & marketing

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Posted: September 25th, 2010 | Updated: September 25th, 2010 | Comments
Here at the China Travel Blog we're dedicating ourselves to in-depth coverage of the exciting and fast-evolving China hospitality industry, with emphasis on concept-driven hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, resorts and hostels throughout that offer something truly unique. In recent weeks, we've taken close looks at the Shanghai URBN Hotel's green mission, the low-key art/designer boutique charm of Shanghai's Magnolia B&B and the Waldorf-Astoria Shanghai's arrival on the historic Bund. Today, in lieu of our usual photo of the day, we take a quick look at a Beijing hotel that's been fusing cutting-edge design with a mission to support China's vibrant art scene: the Opposite House. The slideshow below and two more after the jump show what Opposite House has been up to in the past year. Their patronage of the arts includes "Short Stays," a set of three short films directed by three of China's top emerging filmmakers and shot in Opposite House, as well as gallery-quality display of works by exciting contemporary artists in the hotel. Call it creative marketing, call it contemporary patronage... or just call it cool. Regardless, it all puts Opposite House at the top of our list of hotels we'd like to stay at on our next visit to Beijing. (hat tip to artist and writer Samantha Culp, on whose site we first stumbled across the "Short Stays" slideshow; for more on the films visit the Short Stays website ).
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