China Travel Photo of the Day: 'Yangtze, the Long River,' by Nadav Kander

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Posted: October 13th, 2010 | Updated: March 29th, 2012 | Comments
Nadav Kander, Yangzte river boat This is just one of a set of haunting images from Yangtze, The Long River, shot by internationally acclaimed photographer, Nadav Kander. The series evolves over the course of Kander's journey from mouth to source of the mighty river, as he realizes the constant change that it embodies for those living along its banks and even those far, far away:
"The Yangzte River, which forms the premise to this body of work, is the main artery that flows 4100 miles across China, traveling from its furthest westerly point in Qinghai to Shanghai in the East. The river is embedded in the consciousness of the Chinese—even those who live thousands of miles from the river—playing a pivotal role in both their spiritual and physical life. More people live along its banks than live in the USA: one in every eighteen people on the planet." (Nadav Kander)
We came across the series thanks to a recent post on TrendLand, whose newsletter brings all kinds of cool and exciting stuff to our inbox on a daily basis. For more on the Yangtze, The Long River and other work by Nadav Kander, check out his website here.
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