China Travel Photo of the Day: Su Yang rocks Snow Mountain Music Festival

Travel | by Stephan Larose
Posted: October 11th, 2010 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments


Givin' it all he's got, Snow Mountain Music Festival (SMMF) in historic Shuhe Old Town, Yunnan Province, near Lijiang on October 5th.

Despite the awful chill and even worse rain, thousands turned up to the 3-day outdoor extravaganza. Though the weather wouldn't permit a bird's eye view of the festival's four stages from nearby Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, those in attendance could regale themselves on not just music, but a film festival, experimental theater, live installation art and of course, all the great food, shopping and ambiance Old Shuhe's ancient (but recently restored) Ming Dynasty streets now offer.

One of China's biggest outdoor festivals, attendance at SMMF has been comparable to that of the Beijing Midi Festival in the past, with estimates of prior iterations coming in at around 15,000. Even more surprising might be the fact that this large, multifaceted event is virtually unknown to the Western world, so if you were there, count yourself among the very privileged few...

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