China Travel Photo of the Day: Record-breaking sand sculptures in Zhoushan

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Posted: October 12th, 2010 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Record breaking sand sculture, zhoushan, china
This gargantuan sand sculpture was on display as part of the 12th Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival last month, and made its way into the record books setting a new Guiness World Record as the world's highest sand sculpture. More than 20 artists spent a staggering 75 days building the 22.43 meter tall "sand-castle" that depicts a Nigerian legend of a hummingbird who becomes king of all animals, in keeping with the event's "Scenes from a Trip to Africa" theme. Zhoushan is an an archipelago of islands off the coast of Eastern China's Zhejiang province, just outside the Hangzhou Bay. The most famous of the islands is Putuo Shan. One of China's sacred Buddhist mountains it is scattered with picturesque temples, holy relics and some spectacular scenery. Its lesser known neighbors also have plenty to offer visitors, not least the Sand Sculpture Festival that takes place annually at the end of September on Zhujiajian Island. There are wide sandy beaches, natural parks, fishing villages and seafood markets aplenty across a number of islands and the local government is working hard to develop the local tourist industry. The archipelago is easily accessible by car and ferry from Ningbo, ferry from Shanghai, or direct Shanghai, Jinjiang and Xiamen. There are number of places to stay on the islands, with a good selection of hotels in Zhoushan to choose from.
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