China Travel Photo of the Day: Nanchang's 30 foot revolutionary rifle

Culture, Travel | by Stephan Larose
Posted: August 30th, 2010 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Lobby, August 1st Uprising Museum, Nanchang, China Symbol of the unfaltering courage and determination of China's revolutionary heroes, the rifle seen here greets visitors in the lobby of the August 1st Uprising Museum (Bayi Jinianguan), housed in the former headquarters of the Nanchang Uprising. Sleepy, sweltering, and seldom, if ever, included on your average China tour, Nanchang is hallowed ground for all patriotic Chinese. This is the city where the tides of the Chinese Civil War started to turn, when on August 1, 1927, revolutionary heroes Zhou Enlai and Zhu De led 30,000 troops in mutiny against the Kuomintang. Today, Nanchang is the focus of devotees and pilgrims looking to reconnect with China's revolutionary roots. Though most foreigners use Nanchang as a base for exploring the tourist treasures of northern Jiangxi, from bucolic Wuyuan to the ancient porcelain center of Jingdezhen to the cool mountain retreat of Lushan, the city itself offers a host of historical attractions tidily packed right in the downtown core.  A single day tour is sufficient to see all the main attractions in town. You can see Nanchang's Tengwang Pavilion, Bayi Park, Youmin Temple, People's Square and perhaps even Bu Xing Road pedestrian street if there's time, but do make sure to fit the August 1st Uprising Museum on your list. Though a little tacky at some points, you'll gain indispendible insight into the Chinese character and it just takes an hour or so to fully appreciate. Photo by Stephan Larose
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