China Travel Photo of the Day: Monumental Shanghai fashion statements

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Posted: July 27th, 2010 | Updated: May 5th, 2011 | Comments
Jeans statue in Shanghai It's no secret that Shanghai is in love with clothes. It's a great place to score tailor-made suits and hand-crafted shoes or to pick out your own fabrics and designs at one of one of several massive Shanghai fabric markets. Or simply shop for name brands (and name-brand knockoffs), from elegant Huahai Zhong Lu shops to the fakes markets and thousands of local entrepreneurial storefronts scattered about town.... The city is so fashion-happy, in fact, that it's developed a charming penchant for erecting public monuments to articles of everyday clothing on a scale usually reserved for national heroes. (We suppose you can never get far enough fast enough from the era of uniform Mao suits and the proletarian PJs of the Cultural Revolution....) It's not just jeans that get the monumental treatment; check out the Goddess of Shoes: Shanghai shoe goddess statue Got more photos of Shanghai's sartorial statuary? Send 'em along to us (or simply upload them here). We'll automatically enter it in our upcoming China Travel photo contest (details and prizes to be announced... but think along the lines of a weekend in a five-star hotel...).
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