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Posted: November 8th, 2010 | Updated: April 2nd, 2011 | Comments

Asian Games Guangzhou 2010

Now Expo is done with, the nation turns its attention down south to Guangzhou and the imminent start of Asian Games (12-27 November).

Also known as Asiad, the 16th Asian Games will be bigger than ever before (you can always count on China for that) with 11,700 athletes competing for 476 gold medals in 42 sports. Among the usual diving, equestrianism, cycling, athletics etc, players will also be battling it out in Kabaddi, Sepaktakraw (a kind of volleyball where you can only use your feet--a lot of fun to watch), various kinds of martial arts, and... chess?

Yes. Although the event is called the Asian Games and Wikipedia defines it as a "multi-sport event" and all other categories involve at least a modicum of physical exertion, it seems the cerebral gymnastics are here to stay. Chess made its debut back in 2006 for the 15th Asian Games in Dohar, and this year, the board games ranks will swell with the addition of Chinese strategy games, xiangqi and weiqi.

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