China Travel Photo of the Day: I do... and so do I!

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Posted: August 23rd, 2010 | Updated: August 23rd, 2010 | Comments
Safety in numbers: Group wedding (Photo: Xinhua)
Yesterday, 100 couples from Jinan in Shandong province tied the knot in a mass wedding ceremony organized by the local government in thanks for their contribution to the city's development. Check out the matching outfits—it's certainly one way to save the hassle of picking out the perfect dress! Mass weddings may be a concept that sends a shiver down the spine of every Western bride ("what do you mean, not everyone will be looking at me?!") but sharing your special day with others is not uncommon in China. Just last week, Henan Province in honor of Chinese Valentines' Day, and Shenzhen. Even Shanghai Expo got into the action with 6 couples saying "I Do" at the French Pavilion in May. In Taipei, interested couples are being asked to submit their most romantic story about Sun Moon Lake for the chance to take part in the group wedding to be hosted there on September 9th, celebrating the 99th Anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China.
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