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Posted: August 19th, 2010 | Updated: May 6th, 2011 | Comments
Hong Kong Milk Tea
Even in small grubby restaurants like this can sometimes surprise you with a tasty meal. At this place in Sheung Wan the milk tea was delicious. Hong Kong-style milk tea is made from evaporated (rather than condensed) milk which gives the tea a richer taste and thicker texture. The smoother or creamier the better.
This is just a taster of a four-part photo essay from Shenzhen-based blogger David at Hong Kong moments. He's had more than than a few over the last couple of years and has some gorgeous shots to show for it. He has a a great eye and really captures the heart and soul of Hong Kong's diverse personality, from its bustling and colorful streets and glittering towers of modernity to the homey cha chan teng (tea houses) where everyday life goes on, on a much smaller and innocuous scale—I love these battered old milk tea jugs, their years of use plain for all to see. British-born David describes himself as a technologist, writer, designer and amateur anthropologist and Randomwire is filled with his thoughts and musings on life in Asia, technology trends, travel photos, the future and anything else which takes his interest, which if you go and take a look around, is actually quite a lot!

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