China Travel Photo of the Day: Heroes of Huang Shan

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Posted: January 31st, 2011 | Updated: March 31st, 2011 | Comments

Huangshan by Henry Abbott

Huang Shan in Anhui is one of the most beautiful places in China but for the hundreds of porters journeying up and down the mountain daily, it's nothing but a backdrop to back-breakingly hard work. With cable cars used primarily to whisk tourists up and down the mountain-side, it is pure manpower that is responsible for pretty much everything else to be found up top. And what goes up must come down—from food and drink to laundry and building materials, these unsung heroes lug around insanely heavy loads, like those in today's featured photo by Henry Abbott. With the agility of mountain goats and calves like footballs, Huang Shan's porters easily pass by the packs of visiting tourists who huff and puff their way around the steep mountain trails.

Henry's picture came to us an entry to the Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest by way of the email and you can check out his other entries at our China Travel photostream on Flickr.

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