China Travel Photo of the Day: Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

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Posted: August 25th, 2010 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Chengyang wind & rain bridge This beautiful bridge is the handiwork of the Guangxi and neighboring Guizhou. Designed to offer protection from the elements, such bridges are aptly called "wind and rain bridges" and are found scattered throughout the region. This bridge at Chengyang near Sanjiang is one of the finest examples there is; 78 meters in length, it has five towers and took villagers 12 years to build back at the turn of the last century. Constructed in the traditional Dong-style, it features the characteristic tribal-looking horned corners and benches along its length. As well as being incredibly elegant to behold, it's quite a feat of engineering as not a single nail or rivet is used to hold it together. By day, you'll find there's quite a few Chinese tourists around, though usually it's a case of quick picture by the bridge before heading off for the next stop but stick around for a night and things quieten down considerably—stroll along the river by the illuminated bridge and water wheels is a great way to round off your day. Chengyang wind and rain bridge, Guanxi
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