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Posted: January 27th, 2011 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
calligraphy de bamboo, Bianca van der werf Bamboo graffiti like this goes right back to the roots of the word from which the popular street art form derives. The Italian "graffiato" means "scratched" and graffiti is used in art history to describe works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface. While this calligraphy may not technically be a work of art, it sure is pretty and photographer Bianca van der Werf has done an amazing job of capturing the tone and texture of this living green canvas. (Wanna know what it says? Find out, after the jump!) The shot is an entry in the Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest. It comes from Bianca's Flickr photostream where fellow Flickr user Chilliwack Jack, with a little help from a friend, has translated the message: "Wish us happiness everyday, person "XXX" (eg Bianca), who once was here visiting/playing". Aw, nice friendly graffiti! Born and raised in the Netherlands, Bianca's interest in the visual world started out with drawing and painting and later turned to photography. She nurtures a talent of harnessing the raw beauty in a scene with images that are not slick and polished at first look but draw the viewer in for more. It's well worth heading to her Flickr photostream to see more and definitely pay a visit to her Bianca van der Werf website to check out her more experimental work which ranges from the Fairytale-esque to the downright spooky! Got some great some China travel photos? Then enter our Ctrip China Travel Photography Contest for the chance to win fantastic prizes and share your photos with the rest of the world—simply tag your Flickr photos with "ctrippic" or email them to us directly at
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