China Travel Photo of the Day: an epic ride in Qinghai

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Posted: August 11th, 2010 | Updated: May 12th, 2014 | Comments

Qinghai monk, biking in china After stage two of the Qinghai Lake Tour, cyclist Dan Carruthers set off alone on an impromptu 30km uphill jaunt. What started out as just getting some miles in on his own bike was to become a truly epic ride, involving monks on mountain tops, freak floods and yak crossings. Here's a little taster for you but you'll have to go to his blog Bike Dan in Asia to find out how it all ends up!
It took me almost 2hrs to complete the climb and nearing the top, I noticed this big ominous black cloud floating in rather rapidly. I ignored it and continued to the top. After a breather and savoring the amazing views from the top, I was again asked by locals to pose with them for photographs. The monk dressed in his red flowing robes was particularly interested in how lightweight my Champion System Dura-Ace equipped road bike was. Lifting it and laughing in excitement that he was talking with a foreigner in Chinese. I probably spent too long on the summit with this group of people – as soon as I left and started my descent – which I was looking forward to very much! It was going to be a wicked fast and curvy descent that every road biker craves for. But, it was not going to be this time... read more
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