China Travel Photo of the Day: Airing your laundry in public

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Posted: August 13th, 2010 | Updated: April 19th, 2011 | Comments
Shaoxing washing China is one place where airing your dirty laundry in public won't even raise an eyebrow, though we are of course talking small and delicates here rather than personal rants and raves. It's a common sight throughout the country to see washing hanging in all manner of places; on telephone wires, in trees, roadside railings, laid out on bushes—lack of indoor space and a general dearth of gardens and terraces turn anything and everything remotely hookable into a temporary washing line be it a busy roadway or a quiet lane. Long held traditions of home curing meat and fish or preserving vegetables also mean laundry is regularly accompanied by next week's dinner! Shaoxing washing Both of these pictures were taken in the charming old town of Shaoxing on a sunny but cold mid-winter's day. Just 70km south of Hangzhou, Shaoxing is a pleasant destination to spend a day or two while exploring Zhejiang province. Stroll through the canal-laced old town with its whitewashed, slate-roofed houses and ancient bridges and be sure to enjoy a glass or two of Shaoxing wine (Shaoxing huangjiu), distilled from locally grown rice and famous throughout China. (Photos by Aimee Groom) Hangzhou flights - Shaoxing hotels
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