Southwest China

Administrative divisions of the concept of the southwest region, as one of the seven major Chinese geographical divisions (in east China, south China, central China, north China, northwest, southwest and northeast), sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, chongqing, Tibet five provincial administrative region. Southwest is given priority to with mountain, terrain structure is complex, rich in natural resources, including sichuan..

Southwest China Attractions

<p>Of the many famous China's classical poets, <strong>Du Fu</strong> (712-70 AD) is up there with <a..

Dian Lake (Diānchí, 滇池) is the sixth largest lake in China at 300 sq km (116 sq mi) and dominates the landscape..

The Ancient City of Dali (Dàlǐ Gǔchéng, 大理古城), or Dali Old Town, is another great example of ancient and..

Butterfly Spring (Húdié Quán, 蝴蝶泉), situated about 30 km (18.5 miles) north of Dali, is a small, clear..

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Seeing China by bike will allow you to witness a part unseen by many travelers, and the Yunnan Gran Fondo is the perfect opportunity.

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Jiuzhaigou is now a carefully managed tourist attraction that, during the high season, sees over ten thousand visitors a day. It wasn't always that way and as Sascha Matuszak reminisces about..

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Caroline Berg to get some more ideas of what to see and do in China when the possibilities are just endless. Check out more of Caroline's China tales on her blog, The Great Wall is an obvious..

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The traditional Chinese holiday Dragon Boat Festival began in ancient times, but remains popular today, with dragon boat races happening across China.

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