China Travel contributor Walt "a Jamaican in China" Goodridge up for best Jamaican blogger award

by China Travel
Posted: January 5th, 2011 | Updated: January 5th, 2011 | Comments
Walt Goodridge, who has blogged here about living in China as a "nomadpreneur" and vegan in China (not to mention one of the very few Jamaicans living and working in the Middle Kingdom) is up for the honor of Best Overseas Jamaican Blog for 2010 (click through to vote!). Check out Walt's site, Walt’s three China Travel Blog guest posts and our interview with Walt. Whether you're just looking for a great read, some good photos and Walt's special brand of inspiration and insight or you’re looking for some practical tips on travel and living in China, they’re worth a read. Find links to Walt's posts after the jump....More Walt Goodridge on the China Travel Blog: China Blogger Spotlight: A Jamaican in China and “nomadpreneur” Walt Goodridge lives his dream Jamaican in China: Life in Xishuangbanna (part 1) Jamaican in China: Life in Xishuangbanna (part 2) Jamaican in China: Walt gets cookin’, vegan-style, in Xishuangbanna
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