China panorama-orama: Put yourself in the middle of amazing Middle Kingdom scenes with just a click

Culture | by David Perry
Posted: September 9th, 2010 | Updated: October 13th, 2010 | Comments
Xinjiang (Shanghaiist, in turn, was put on to the images by Josh Summers of Far West China). Impressed, we snooped around the 360 Cities site for more China panoramas and found plenty to look at, from the deserts of the west to the metropolises of eastern China. (Warning: you can easily while away an hour or two at 360 Cities, so either make yourself comfortable or get back to work and take a look when you've got some time). Kashi city Tiga big bazaar in Xinjiang After the jump, a panoramic view of Shanghai shot from the Bund.... Kashgar) panorama above and the Shanghai Bund one below. If these amazing interactive images don't whet your appetite for travel (and China), we're not sure what will. Check out 360 Cities' China page for the full lot of panoramas. Shanghaishi The Bund in Shanghai
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