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China Live! Ctrip English launches YouTube Brand Channel | Bamboo Compass

China Live! Ctrip English launches YouTube Brand Channel

by China Travel
Posted: February 25th, 2011 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Ctrip English Youtube Channel Guess what? We're on TV! Well, kinda... our sponsor VPN or proxy in China) and they've been working closely with the ChinaTravel team to come up with some great mini-vids to show the world just how much China rocks. We sent ChinaTravel editors (and budding presenter/producers) Sascha Matuszak and Stephan Larose out and about in Shanghai and the three videos they've put together so far range from the amazing, the informative and the downright wacky. First up, there's a collaboration with Joe Nafis and the guys over at Los Pensivos Films for some seriously stunning timelapse video of Shanghai. Then they took themselves off to Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market where they got all covered in slime, groped by fishmongers and up close and personal with some crusty crustaceans, taking viewers on a very entertaining and tasty tour through one of the city's liveliest markets. Next up they hit Lu Xun Park, bringing a slice of Chinese park life and all the eccentric goings-on that entails, from open air ballroom dancing and karaoke to Tai Chi, Chinese chess, badminton and amateur opera hour—it's an informative and picturesque look at the sometimes rebelliousness nature of the older generation and elicits both laughs and cheers, and maybe even a tear or two. And we're only just getting started. (Continues after the jump...) There's plenty more in store with 48 hours in Shanghai—a guide to how and where to get your sightseeing and social fix on with two days in China's party capital—coming soon to the silver screen, plus we'll be venturing a bit further afield... a tea-field if you will, with a look at the upcoming tea harvest season in Hangzhou. The boys'll be out in the fields of Longjing discovering how to pick the choicest tips and how to brew the perfect cup of Chinese cha—so tune in to Ctrip English on YouTube, because what better way is there to show you China, than to show you China.
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