China highlights: A "travel rhyme" from the one and only "Jamaican in China"

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Posted: July 26th, 2011 | Updated: July 26th, 2011 | Comments
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Having followed the escapades of nomadic entrepreneur Walt F. J. Goodridge all the way from Beijing to Xishuangbanna, we were sorry to hear that our favorite Jamaican in China would be moving on from the PRC. We asked him to distill his China experience for us and, creative chap that he is, he's come up with this little ditty. Take it away Walt!>>>

My friends at ChinaTravel asked me many months ago "Please share your best of China so the whole wide world will know!" And though my time in China was a blast beyond compare I didn't think I'd seen, or really done enough to share.

But now that time has passed, you know I've processed and I've mulled And now I think it's time to share all that I have culled So sit right back, and hear a tale of a six-month trip I've taken and learn the "Best of China" from a wandering Jamaican!

The very best in dining, from a vegan's point of view? Well, no place beats Beijing, my friend, the rumors, yes, are true! Atmosphere and service and mock meats like the real thing My heart's in San Francisco, but my stomach's in Beijing.

Jamaican in China_wild elephant park, xishuangbanna

Best place to do your smoking, that is, whether you smoke or not? (The last place that you'd find me, if the girls there weren't so hot!) The prize for "Smoker's Heaven" goes to Yunnan without doubt They hand 'em out like candy there, you'll never go without.

The friendliest of women? (and men too, not that I care) The place for stares and pointing, and "Please, can I touch your hair?" Xishuangbanna by a nose, and yes, I will return Hainan's a real close second, I'll be there with cash to burn!

Cheap hotels and Buddhist dining? Well, then Kunming is for you! I made some friends, and learned just what a coffeepot could do Can't say much more for Kunming, for the time did not permit Was on my way to Jinghong... a few days, then had to split.

Coffeepot cookbook Jamaican in China

Best place for foreign dating? I've learned anywhere will do I found MY thrill in old Beijing, and trust me, you can too! Shanghai was on the radar, and held promise, I was told I would have checked it out, too, but the weather got too cold!

Best place to lose your money, if you're not prepared to barter? (The price you're quoted is never fixed, but really just a starter): Everywhere in China! But Hainan, though, takes first prize Um, stay away during new year's—just a word now to the wise.

Best air and fruit and sunshine and all with an ocean view? It's Hainan once again for sure! (The Russians love it, too!) My memories of China make me swoon and make me smile! You'll find me there again real soon... just wait a little while!

These days Walt is living the island life on Saipan but you can still stay up to date with what's happening in his world at Jamaican in China.

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