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The heart of Guangzhou's former European concession—France and England both set up shop on this sandy river island in 1859 toward the end of the Opium Wars—Shamian Island...


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Ningbo-born Ni Tianzeng (1937-1992) joined the Communist Party and came to Shanghai after graduating from Beijing’s Tsinghua University. Ni built a reputation for himself as a tireless, upstanding politician during his time working first in positions related to his studies in architecture and later as the vice mayor. The Ni Family Residence (Ní Zhái, 倪宅) in Xitang, named Chéngqìng Táng (承庆堂) by the family, is both an example of a traditional Jiangnan (“south of the Yangtze River”)..

Just north of the Ni Family Residence, Shāoxiāng Gǎng (烧香港) is a spot along the canal in Xitang where locals come to burn incense and pray during the Chinese New Year. The resulting cloud gives Shaoxiang Gang its name which means "Burning Incense Port." Tour Xitang Zhejiang guide | Xitang guide | Xitang attractions Xitang flights (Shanghai) | Xitang hotels

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