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The Ancient City of Dali (Dàlǐ Gǔchéng, 大理古城), or Dali Old Town, is another great example of ancient and modern fusing together in China. The architecture is indeed ancient with...


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Located within the broader area of Ganlanba, or the "Olive Plains", the Ganlanba Dai Minority Park (Gǎnlǎnbà Dǎizú Mínzú Yuán, 橄榄坝傣族民族园) consists of five villages who chose to throw in their lot together and turn themselves into a bustling tourist park promoting the local Dai culture. Inside you'll find lots of traditional-style buildings (though newly built) and colorful Dai costumes at every turn. Large performance areas for dance and "cultural shows," plus three daily "Water Splashing Festivals"..

The elephant is a symbol of good luck, might and longevity to the Dai people of Xishuangbanna. Wild elephants congregate in the aptly named Wild Elephant Valley (Yěxiàng Gǔ 野象谷) at the juncture of the western and eastern part of the Menyang Nature Reserve (Měngyǎng Zìrán Bǎohù Qū, 勐养自然保护区). In the valley, there are observation towers and walkways built in the trees for visitors to watch the elephants without disturbing their natural habitat. The best time to see these impressive beasts is at dawn or dusk. Though..

Jinghong (Jǐnghóng, 景洪) is the capital of the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in the far southern tip of Yunnan Province. Xishuangbanna borders southeast Asia, and there is a noticeble Thai and Laotian influence on the region and the city. The land along the Lancang River, which becomes the Mekong River south of the Chinese border, is lush and sultry. This whole region is a biodiversity hotspot that gets washed down during the Water Splashing Festival (and torrential spring rains) every April—just like in all of the..

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