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Definitely one of Pingyao's must-see attractions, the city's 6-kilometer-long (4 mi), 12-meter-high (40 ft), nearly 700-year-old city walls (gǔchéng qiáng, 古城墙)...


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Heavenly Street (Tianjie), once perhaps named for its wealth of historical and religious treasures, is today something of a tourist trap. This Disney-style area is where you can pick up t-shirts, souvenirs and other Tai Shan memorabilia and also have a break and something to eat in one of the restaurants on the street. Given the bad weather conditions that typically prevail up here, and the fact that the goods for sale all have to be carted miles up this steep mountain, the street is a reflection of just how important tourism and all that it..

Located to the north of the Temple of the Princess of the Rosy Clouds, the Jade Emperor Peak (Yuhuang Ding) is the highest point on Mount Tai. A large rock, inscribed with the Chinese for "supreme summit" marks the end of the trek here. There are magnificent views of the sunrise from this spot, and hundreds of visitors and pilgrims gather at dawn to watch the occasion. The Song Dynasty Emperor used to perform a ceremony here too, offering sacrifices to the heavens from his altar.

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