Shang City Ruins




How to get there:

Buses: No. 63 and K206 pass by the Ruins.

The Shang City Ruins (Shangcheng Yizhi), in Zhengzhou's eastern area, has weathered the centuries to become one of the city's most interesting attractions. The Shang Dynasty was one of the earliest recorded dynasties in Chinese history, and evidence suggests that this ancient city here was built as early as 1600 BC. Most famous for mysterious pictographic symbols, colorful bronze ware and several bloodthirsty kings, this is one of the earliest examples of Chinese urban life.

Each Shang City, divided up into a central walled area, housed large governmental buildings surrounded by a ring of small villages. Each individual village would specialize in a specific product so that between all the villages a wide variety of products was covered, enabling each area to be self sufficient.

Today, this area is more of a public park and walkway. The original walls were rough and uneven and stood at about 10 meters high. A wooden frame would be filled with dirt and pounded until it became solid. The frame was then removed and the dirt was solid enough to make a wall structure.

There are two spots here where you can see the main exhibits; excavated bronze ware from royal families, stone ware, jade carving, ceramics and other daily utensils. The remains also include some original wells and tombs. The ruins can be seen at the East Gate (Dongmen Kou).


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