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The Ancient City of Dali (Dàlǐ Gǔchéng, 大理古城), or Dali Old Town, is another great example of ancient and modern fusing together in China. The architecture is indeed ancient with...


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Despite the fact that Putuo Shan is an island and should seemingly be surrounded by beaches, there are actually only four designated swimming beaches. One Hundred Step Beach and its big brother One Thousand Step Beach to the north are the more popular of the four. There are of course other beaches to be swum at, but the sands are often strewn with unbecoming clumps of seaweed, plastic bags, shards of broken glass and other assorted refuse. One Hundred Step Beach (Baibu Sha) is a pleasant, clean and well patrolled beach, albeit crowded with..

Puji Temple, as with all other temples on Putuo Shan, is dedicated to the worship of Guanyin Pusa. The temple complex first began construction in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and has now expanded to occupy a land area of over 10,000 square meters and includes more than 200 buildings. Legend has it that the temple was once visited by an emperor. To avoid being noticed, he disguised himself as a peasant. Upon arrival at the main entrance he was denied entry due to his somewhat shabby appearance. He was later escorted to a side entrance..

Located a stone's skip from One Thousand Step Beach's northern end is the entrance Fayu Temple (Fayu Chansi). The temple complex's main building are spread out over six different levels of Baihua Hill with the main temple building being at the upper most part of the hill. Although an accurate history of the temple was never kept, it is believed that it's original structure was a nunnery built by a monk called Da Chi out of bamboo in 1580. Dedicated followers of Chan Buddhism (Zen to the Japanese) gradually added to the nunnery..

Although not ten times longer than its neighbor to the south, One Hundred Step Beach, this is the largest and arguably the most unspoiled beach on Putuo Shan. Measuring in at 1,750m (1,914 yd), One Thousand Step Beach (Qianbu Sha) is a great place for a summer dip and is a decent place to find a quiet bit of sand to unfurl your towel on.  

Located by Guanyin Leap at Putuo Shan's southern most stands the island's largest representation of Guanyin Pusa—Chan Buddhism's goddess of compassion. At an imposing 33 meters (108ft.) tall, the eye catching golden statue can be seen from many vantage points around Putuo Shan and seems to welcome new arrivers by boat to the island. Guanyin is surrounded by a stone courtyard with a large set of steps where kowtowing pilgrims can be seen savoring the final moments of long journeys. At the top of the stairs, surrounding the..

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