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Moon Lake (Yue Hu), Ningbo: Address & how to get to Moon Lake (Yue Hu) | Bamboo Compass

Moon Lake (Yue Hu)



The man-made crescent-shaped Moon Lake (Yuè Hú, 月湖) was dug during the 7th century in the Tang Dynasty in what is now Ningbo's central Haishu District. Today, Moon Lake provides a serene break from the bustle of the growing city. Bridges and pathways wind around the lake, over islands and through traditional Chinese gardens and buildings.

Small restaurants cluster on streets on the northwest side of the lake near the Shipu Restaurant (Xīn Shípú Dàjiǔdiàn, 新石蒲大酒店), while the Ningbo Tea Culture Museum (Níngbō Chá Wénhuà Bówùguǎn, 宁波茶文化博物馆) welcomes visitors to explore tea history or sip a bit on an islet near the center of the lake.

Nearby are a number of other sites of interest. The Ningbo Mosque lies just down a few small streets from the lake. A short walk north along Zhenming Lu (Zhènmíng Lù, 镇明路) takes you to the Fan Antique Market and the Ningbo Drum Tower while to the west lies Tianyi Pavilion, one of Asia's oldest libraries.

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