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Definitely one of Pingyao's must-see attractions, the city's 6-kilometer-long (4 mi), 12-meter-high (40 ft), nearly 700-year-old city walls (gǔchéng qiáng, 古城墙)...


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Despite what you see in the news, China isn't all ultra-modern architecture, crazy foods, tall buildings, mega-projects, temples, museums, world-record breaking shopping malls and the Great Wall. The world's oldest civiliazation also plays host to some of the world's youngest tourist destinations, and the virtually unknown Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park is exactly that. Hailuogou's unusually low-lying, 16,000,000 year old glaciers crown a landscape that is as endowed with beauty as it is touristic riches. You'll find some of the..

Located on the county borders of Shimian, Luding, Jiulong and Kangding, Gongga Shan (Mt. Gongga or Minya Konka) is the highest peak in Sichuan province standing an imposing 7,556 meters above sea level. It is also the 15th highest mountain in the world, earning it the title of "Mountain King" in Sichuan Province. In Tibetan, Gongga means snow white, a fitting title as this mountain is covered with snow all the year round. There are more than 50 other snow-capped mountains surrounding Gongga Shan. They form a magnificent snowy mountain..

Paoma Shan (Mt. Paoma) is located to the south of Kangding city. This particular mountain is well known throughout China due to a mention in a famous folk tune about Sichuan province.   In Tibetan, the mountain is called Lamuze, meaning Fairy Mountain. Tibetans regard it as one of their holy mountains. Every year the locals will hold a great ceremony involving horse racing to commemorate the birthday of Sakyamuni, supreme Buddha (the founder of Buddhism), on the eighth day of the forth lunar month according to Chinese lunar..

Tagong Town and the Lhagang Grasslands present a great opportunity for travelers who do not have the time to go deep into Ganzi, but still want to leave the border town of Kangding and see some "real" Tibetans. As late as 2008, Tagong was still a one street town with just as many hoirses and motorcycles. Today the town has grown to about 1 1/2 streets with just many more vehicles, restaurants and small hostels.  The Tagong Monastery is one of the most famous in Ganzi, due to the Sakyamuni Buddha figure that has been housed..

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