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Xiling Mountain (Xilǐng Xuěshān, 西岭雪山)—also referred to as "Xiling Snow Mountain," "Xiling Snow-Capped Mountain" or just "Xiling Xueshan"—is a pleasant get-away just about two hours by...


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Situated in the center of Jinan, Daming Lake Park (Dàmíng Hú Gōngyuán, 大明湖公园) is an 860,000 sq m (213 acre) park and home to Daming Lake (Dàmíng Hú, 大明湖) and its famous hectare fountain. This "Lake of Great Light," is a natural body of water comprised of many of the city's natural springs, and contains six small islands, laden with flowers and beautiful shrubbery, a perfect spot for families to enjoy a relaxing day together, rowing boats and strolling the sprawling greens. Near the..

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, the grottoes and carvings on the foliage-draped Thousand Buddha Cliff (Qiānfó Yá, 千佛崖) outside Ji'nan sit not far from what was once the Shentong Temple (Shéntōng Sì, 神通寺). Shandong guide | Jinan guide | Jinan attractions Jinan flights | Jinan hotels Jinan on the China Travel Blog

The bubbling, clear waters of Baotu Springs Park were famous enough that well-traveled Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty made a stop for a drink and declared it the "number one spring under the heavens." Today, the park remains a popular spot for tourists and locals to stroll along the springs or relax beneath the shade of a willow tree and get away from the hustle and bustle of Shandong's capital city. Pavilions and courtyards in the park are also host to musical performances, stalls selling various wares and locals gathered around a..

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