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The Ancient City of Dali (Dàlǐ Gǔchéng, 大理古城), or Dali Old Town, is another great example of ancient and modern fusing together in China. The architecture is indeed ancient with...


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Beishan or Northern Hill Park (Beishan Gongyuan) is a large, quiet park, situated in the west of Jilin. The park has many interesting features, and is considered an optimum venue for its summer lotus flowers and winter "rimy pines." Originally the park was established in 1927, but has undergone renovations and expansion many times since then. The park is reminiscent of many of the similar areas in Suzhou and Hangzhou, with pavilions, bridges, corridors and terraces well designed and scattered about among the hills. Three small linked lakes..

Seemingly out of place in such a small and comparatively insignificant city, the large Jilin Confucius Temple (Jílín Wénmiào, 吉林文庙) is a grand, stately structure and the largest of its kind in the northeast. The temple was built in 1909, just two years before the collapse of the last of the Chinese dynasties, the Qing. The layout here is in a similar style to the Nanjing Confucius Temple. You will see most of the standard buildings here: the Hall of Great Achievements, the Hall of the Relics of the Sage and..

Dongbei has seen a few mysterious happenings in its time. In the early 1900s a huge explosion in Siberia rocked the area and rumors circulated of UFO activity, meteor strikes and even early Russian nuclear testing.  In March 1976 a heavy meteorite shower hit the area around Jilin. This shower reputedly originated in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. After the 1976 shower, local astrologers took action to preserve the 138 pieces of meteorite they found. Many of these pieces can be seen in the Meteorite Museum today (Jilin..

Songhua Lake Area  (Songhuahu Fengjingqu), located 24 kilometers east of the city center, is a popular tourist spot close to the city. This long, narrow lake surrounded by hilly forests is a good place to visit all year around. In the spring and summer the area is ideal for boating and swimming and in the winter for skiing. Originally this area was a little known mountainous region. In 1937, however, construction began on the Fengman Dam, named for its proximity to the nearby town of the same name.   Covering a..

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