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Xiling Mountain (Xilǐng Xuěshān, 西岭雪山)—also referred to as "Xiling Snow Mountain," "Xiling Snow-Capped Mountain" or just "Xiling Xueshan"—is a pleasant get-away just about two hours by...


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Located on Dongfeng Road, near Nianjia Lake (Nianjia Hu), the Hunan Provincial Museum (Hunan Bowuguan), is one of China's better museums. The complex has three main buildings, one of which covers revolutionary history and two that are devoted to the Western Han (206 BC-24 AD) tombs that were discovered at Mawangdui, 4km northeast of Changsha.    The tombs, discovered in 1972 and containing over 3,000 antiques, were the burial ground for the Marquis of Dai, Li Cang, and his family. Li Cang was Prime Minister to the King of Changsha..

Yuelu Hill Park (Yuelushan Gongyuan) is located on the Xiang River's (Xiangjiang) western shores. It's one of Changsha's most historic spots and is most notable for its academic establishments. The hill rises to a height of around 300 meters above sea level, and the park covers an area of 500 hectares, part of which is occupied by the Hunan University.   The most famous academic establishment here was the Yuelu Academy (Yuelu Shuyuan), a Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) institution that was designed to train scholars for the civil..

The entire length of the Yellow Dragon Cave (Huánglóng Dòng, 黄龙洞) is about 12 km (7.5 mi) and it has four distinct levels. The cave's massive size houses both dry caves and watery caves, including two "palaces," eight "halls" and 96 "corridors." It's sure to satisfy any avid spelunker, plus the colors from the rock formations are truly a sight to see. Stalactites and stalagmites fill the whole cave, and, if you can bring yourself to do it, when you whack a stalactite hard enough it will resonate at a certain..

Golden Whip Brook (Jīnbiān Xī, 金鞭溪) is located inside the Wulingyuan Scenic Area (Wǔlíng Yuán, 武陵源) of Zhangjiajie and several places of interest can be found nearby. The brook meanders its way through 5.5 km (3.5 mi) of mountains and valleys, from north to south and the further you venture upstream, the fewer people you'll see. You can enjoy the dense forest and oddly-shaped peaks from either of its banks. Leg-weary visitors are often seen resting on a rock by the stream, watching fish swimming in the water or..

Huangshi Village (Huángshí Zhài, 黄石寨), the name of which means "Yellow Lion Village," is the highest village in the Zhangjiajie area. The village actually sits on top of a 1,200 m (3,937 ft) high plateau, allowing for a fantastic view of the surrounding vicinity. Besides the majestic stone pillars scattered about, below the village lie the waters of Golden Whip Brook and the ancient Heizongnao Forest (Hēizōngnǎo, 黑棕脑). The trek or cable car up to the village offer a very scenic journey, and at the top..

A beautifully preserved riverside town in southwest Hunan, Fenghuang (Fènghuáng Xiàn, 凤凰县), or "Phoenix Town," is home to a large number of Tujia and Miao minority people, which is reflected in both the architecture and the local customs. The old town lies at the foot of a mountain spread across the two banks of the Tuo River (Tuó Jiāng, 沱江). The river can be crossed via a number of small stone and wood bridges or by hopping across twin rows of stepping stones. Billed as "China's most beautiful town,"..

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