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The Hanyang Mausoleum is the burial site of Han Jingdi, the fourth Han Emperor, and his wife Liu Qi. This subterranean chamber features re-enforced walls, designed to protect the Emperor in his...


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Set in the eastern suburbs of Wuchang, the East Lake Park, is the largest open space in Wuhan and it's six times the size of Hangzhou's West Lake (for those of us who love to compare lake sizes in China). The mild temperature and wealth of sunshine allow for a wealth of lush greenery and flowers throughout the park with over 372 different types of plants and 80 species of bird and fish. The  Wuchang fish is the rarest and the most famous. The park provides a nice respite from the city while still being..

The Guiyuan Temple is Wuhan's most famous Buddhist temple, both in terms of religious significance and architecture. For several years this temple has been considered one of the most holy Buddhist sites in central China and Buddhist followers and dignitaries including the US Secretary of State, former Singapore Prime Minister and the Cambodian King have visited the temple. Although the temple at the site today is not the original, the renovations have been executed authentically -- consisting of a Grand hall, Guest hall,..

Hubei Provincial Museum is located by the lakeshore of East Lake in Wuchang. The total construction area of the museum is 42,549 square meters while the exhibition halls take up 12,280 square meters. It's the museum with the most cultural relics in Hubei Province. The historic cultural relics collected in this museum are as many as more than 200, 000 pieces, among which the number of cultural relics under national protection is about 640 pieces and 16 pieces are regarded as national treasures as well. Those on exhibition include bronzeware..

Connecting Hanyang District and Wuchang District, Wuhan's First Yangzi River Bridge is the first bridge on Yangzi River for both highway and railway functions. The construction of the bridge started in September 1955 and was completed in October 1957. The whole bridge is especially sublime with the upper layer functioning as highway and the lower layer as railway. Two trains can run from either end of the bridge at the same time. Altogether there are eight piers and each arch has a span of 128 meters, which enables large ships with a load..

Sitting atop Snake Hill, the numerously reconstructed Yellow Crane Tower, initially built around 220 AD, is Wuhan's most famous attraction. From the outside, the structure appears traditional, but if you peek inside, the 1980s elevator belies its modernity. Mao is said to have ascended the tower in 1927 to view the Yangtze River. This modern Qing style Tower is a reproduction of a Temple that was originally situated 1km from the  present location destroyed by fire in 1884. Despite the fact that this is not an important historical..

Longquan Shan Scenic Area is located 20 km away from downtown, in the southeastern suburbs of Wuhan City. Situated by Liangzi Lake, the scenic area is bordered with water on three sides. Two mountain ranges stretch from the west to the east for about 9 km through the scenic area, forming a valley view area of about 7.6 square kilometers. Longquan Shan Mountain was called Jiangxia Shan before Tang Dynasty. Many hermits and literati once lived here. At the end of Tianbao Period of Tang Dynasty, a high official named Li Xi dug two holes here..

Zixiao Gong (Zǐxiāo Gōng, 紫霄宫), or the "Purple Cloud Temple" is a sizable and aesthetically pleasing early Ming temple and monastery. Built against the slopes of the mountain, the structure is built in a succession of platforms that get progressively higher, offering increasingly attractive views of Wudang Shan's sea of jungle-studded peaks.  The area is very photogenic, so don't forget your camera. If you're there at the right times, you'll have the opportunity to watch worshipers bowing to the monks as they..

The Taizi Po (Tàizǐ Pō, 太子坡) or "Prince's Temple" bus interchange station sits about 5 km (3 mi) in from the Wudang Shan scenic area's main gates. Here you can also pick up buses going to other Wudang Shan attractions including Xiao Yao Gu (the Carefree Valley), Eight Immortals Temple and the Golden Top Cable Car Station by the Jade Terrace Temple. Taizi Po is a Daoist temple situated about 100 m (109 yds) into the forest. It's a nice place to spend an hour or two wandering around, enjoying the..

An ancient sentinel watching over the lush valleys and the picturesque Wudang reservoir below, Nanyan Temple (Nányán Sì, 南岩寺) is Wudang Shan's flagship attraction and is easily its most photographed. The temple is perched on a cliff at the head of a trail leading to Golden Top on Tianzhu Peak, where you'll find the Zhenwu Shrine and the All Gods Temple. From the Nanyang Tourist Center (Nányán Lǚyóu Zhōngxīn, 南岩旅游中心), where you can eat, sleep and buy souvenirs, including ridiculously cheap..

Located in a basin between several of Shennongjia's mountains, the Dajiu Lakes Wetland (Dàjiǔ Hú Shīdì, 大九湖湿地) has remained largely undisturbed by human activity. Although it has joined the scenic spots in Shennongjia open to tourists, the nine lakes that connect this mountaintop wetland are protected. Raised wooden walkways and raised stone pillar stepping paths weave through the shallow lakes, giving visitors a closer look.

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