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Definitely one of Pingyao's must-see attractions, the city's 6-kilometer-long (4 mi), 12-meter-high (40 ft), nearly 700-year-old city walls (gǔchéng qiáng, 古城墙)...


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Situated on a hill overlooking the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, the Fortaleza do Monte (大砲臺), also known simply as Monte Forte, was built by the Jesuits at the same time as the Cathedral in order to protect the churchmen of St. Paul's from pirates. Called Mount Fortress in English, it later became a military base, equipped with facilities and ammunition for a two-year siege. It was only used in this way once—to repel the Dutch from the island in 1622. Today, the area consists of a public park, observatory and museum and affords great..

The Macau Maritime Museum  (澳門港務局海事博物館) houses an interesting collection of maritime artifacts from throughout Macau's history. The huge Dragon Boat display is particularly enchanting. Dragon boats are tradtionally used in the annual Dragon Boat races which take place in early June. Exhibitions in the museum focus on maritime ethnology, history and technology. The musuem shows off sacred relics, clothing, scale models of dragon boats and the Macau landscape of yesteryear. In addition to these exhibitions, the..

The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral (圣保罗大教堂) are Macau's most famous landmark. Atop one of the island's seven hills, this spectacular facade is a symbol of Macau and an image that was projected throughout China leading up to the hand-over in December 1999. St. Paul's Cathedral was first built in the 17th Century, with the design of an Italian Jesuit and the work of Japanese Christians. This mammoth and spectacular building dominated the city until 1835 when it was savagely destroyed by fire, sparing only the facade, the mosaic floor and..

San Antonio Church was the first Catholic Church in Macau. The existing building is not the original however, and this church is famous for having burned to the ground as many as three times. This modern building is dedicated to Saint Anthony (a military saint) and on 13th June each year a ceremony is held in which the Chairman of the Macau government devotes part of the military provisions of the area in memory of the saints. Be sure to stop by the Camoes Garden and Grotto if you're visiting the church. Macau guide | Macau flights | Macau..

Hac Sa Beach (黑沙海灘or Black Sands Beach) is an enormous crescent-shaped beach on Coloane Island. It's considered to be the most poular beach in Macau and as the name implies, the sand is black (though much of the "native" sand has eroded into the sea and the city has replaced it with imported yellow sand). The water is relatively clean (the dark sand makes it look dirtier than it really is) for swimming. In addition to the sand and sea, Hac Sa offers man-made facilities for entertaining beach-goers. Adjacent to the beach is the Hac Sa..

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