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Huangshi Village (Huángshí Zhài, 黄石寨), the name of which means "Yellow Lion Village," is the highest village in the Zhangjiajie area. The village actually sits on top of a...


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A sprawling 426 hectare (1052.7 acres) park in the middle of the city, Guiyang's Qianling Park is one of its main attractions, and one of the reasons the city is named one of China's most liveable year after year. The grounds feature eight main areas of interest: Sanlingwan, Macaque Garden, Hongfu Temple, Kylin Cave, Qianling Zoo, Qianling Lake, Two-Dam Wind-Rain Bridge and the Winding Mountain Path. Hongfu Temple, perched atop Qianling Shan (Qianling Mountain) is the province's largest and most important Chan (Zen)..

A hot day in the city? Here's yet another easily accessible and worthwhile attraction in Guiyang's long list of easy outdoor getaways. The Tianhe Pool Scenic Area is a popular spot for paddling in rafts through kilometer-deep caves, admiring unearthly karst formations, and strolling through the woods alongside crystalline waters. You'll also have the chance to experience Miao culture while you're here. The Water Cave is the deepest and can be paddled through in rented boats. The cave is not illuminated once inside, so quality flashlights..

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