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Xiling Mountain (Xilǐng Xuěshān, 西岭雪山)—also referred to as "Xiling Snow Mountain," "Xiling Snow-Capped Mountain" or just "Xiling Xueshan"—is a pleasant get-away just about two hours by...


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Wannian Temple (Wànnián Sì, 万年寺), Long Life Temple in English, greets visitors who ascend the northern cable car from the road near the village of Jingshui (Jìngshuǐ, 净水). If you're hiking, you'll approach it from the direction of either Bailongdong (Báilóngdòng, 白龙洞) to the east or Chu Temple (Chū Diàn, 初殿) to the southwest. Wannian sits at the northern tip of the circuit trail linking seven temples, monasteries, pavilions and Jiulao Cave (Jiǔlǎo Dòng, 九老洞). Built in the fourth..

Situated at the foot of Emei Shan, Baoguo Temple (Bàoguó Sì, 报国寺) is the largest and most impressive temple in the area. It is also a good place to begin your journey to the top of the mountain. A round trip from here should take approximately three days so make sure you are prepared before you set off! Originally built in 1615, the temple was destroyed in a fire at the end of the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1654. Constructed on a slope, with four halls built  atop one another, Baoguo Temple features..

Golden Peak Temple (Jīndǐng Sì, 金顶寺), is situated about 20 m (66 ft) below the summit. This building is a 65-meter-long (213 ft) bronze hall, and this location provides some of the best views of the entire mountain. A spectacular phenomenon, known as the "Buddha's Aureole," (Fó Guāng, 佛光) occurs at the peak every so often. When the sun shines in a certain direction, the spectator's shadow is cast onto the cliffs, surrounded by a "glow" of rainbow colors. This incredible sight can be seen from an airplane, too, and it only..

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