China Huizhou Culture Museum




9am-5pm (last admission 4.30pm) Tues-Sun

How to get there:

Located at 50 Yinbing Avenue (Yíngbīn Dàdào, 迎宾大道), Huangshan City.

Exhibitions at the China Huizhou Culture Museum (Zhōngguó Huīzhōu Wénhuà Bówùguǎn, 中国徽州文化博物馆) examine the history, etiquette, art, architecture and science and technology of the region's "Huizhou" people.

A historical region in southern China, Huizhou stretched across what is today southern Anhui Province and the northeastern parts of neighboring Jiangxi. The Huizhou culture features its own tongue and distinctive architecture such as that seen in the Huizhou villages of Hongcun and Xidi (Xīdì, 西递)—narrow lanes, white-washed walls, ancestral temples and archways with an emphasis on feng shui and yinyang.

Spend an interesting hour or so perusing the the collections of rare artifacts ranging from ink stone, old books and literature to instruments and unique emblems.

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