Emei Shan Baoguo Temple




7am-7pm daily

How to get there:

You can catch a bus to Baoguo from Chengdu or Leshan, available on the hour from 8am-6pm. From Chengdu, it will cost RMB 45 and will take approximately two hours and 30 minutes. From Leshan, it will cost RMB 12 and will take 40 minutes.

Situated at the foot of Emei Shan, Baoguo Temple (Bàoguó Sì, 报国寺) is the largest and most impressive temple in the area. It is also a good place to begin your journey to the top of the mountain. A round trip from here should take approximately three days so make sure you are prepared before you set off!

Originally built in 1615, the temple was destroyed in a fire at the end of the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1654. Constructed on a slope, with four halls built  atop one another, Baoguo Temple features flagstoned courtyards and the Shengji Evening Bell (Shèngjī Wǎn Zhōng, 圣积晚钟), rung only on special occasions. There are various religious relics and calligraphic exhibits on display, and the hotel at the back of the complex was once a retirement home for Communist Party members!

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