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A neo-Romanesque Catholic church built by German missionaries in 1934, St. Michael’s Cathedral (Shèng Mígé'ěr Zhǔjiào Zuòtáng, 圣彌格爾主教座堂)...


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A neo-Romanesque Catholic church built by German missionaries in 1934, St. Michael’s Cathedral (Shèng Mígé'ěr Zhǔjiào Zuòtáng, 圣彌格爾主教座堂) sits atop a hill in Qingdao which today finds itself at the end of a road lined with beer stalls. The white walls of the looming church interior are lined with gold trimming, dotted by stained glass windows and decorated by colorful murals. The large pipe organ in the back stands as a reminder of the great pipe organ the church once..

Once known as the grandest cathedral in the Far East, that the gothic edifice of St Ignatius survives at all is worthy of note: during the Cultural Revolution, Red Guards tore down much of the interior, and it was not until 2009 that the stained glass windows were restored to their former glory. Built (like the Sheshan Basilica and Sheshan Astronomical Observatory) by French Jesuits at the turn of the twentieth century, the building enjoyed brief fame in the early scenes of Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, and now once again functions as an..

The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral (圣保罗大教堂) are Macau's most famous landmark. Atop one of the island's seven hills, this spectacular facade is a symbol of Macau and an image that was projected throughout China leading up to the hand-over in December 1999. St. Paul's Cathedral was first built in the 17th Century, with the design of an Italian Jesuit and the work of Japanese Christians. This mammoth and spectacular building dominated the city until 1835 when it was savagely destroyed by fire, sparing only the facade, the mosaic floor and..

San Antonio Church was the first Catholic Church in Macau. The existing building is not the original however, and this church is famous for having burned to the ground as many as three times. This modern building is dedicated to Saint Anthony (a military saint) and on 13th June each year a ceremony is held in which the Chairman of the Macau government devotes part of the military provisions of the area in memory of the saints. Be sure to stop by the Camoes Garden and Grotto if you're visiting the church. Macau guide | Macau flights | Macau..

The somewhat underappreciated Protestant Church (Jīdū Jiàotáng, 基督教堂) is not as large as the towering St. Michael's Cathedral, but it remains a great example of Qingdao's German architecture. The church was designed by German architect Curt Rothkegel, who designed buildings in Beijing, Tianjin and Shenyang as well as the Qingdao Guest House. While the décor inside is rather sparse, the insides of the clock tower are fascinating.

Built in 1866 and opened a year later, the simple, gothic-style Qibao Catholic Church (Qībǎo Tiānzhǔjiàotáng, 七宝天主教堂), or Qibao Church (Qībǎo Tiānjiàotáng, 七宝天主堂), was originally known as "Church of the Assumption of Mary." The church was added on to in 1896, 1912 and 1929. During World War II, the church bell tower was damaged by bombs. In 2010 the church was given a facelift and renovated. Outside, an open courtyard features a statue of Jesus, while two traditional Chinese lions stand on either side of the..

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