Wangjiang Tower Park and Bamboo Garden


Free, cultural preservation area: RMB 20


6am-9pm daily, cultural preservation area: 8am-6pm daily

How to get there:

The park sits in southeastern Chengdu, about a 10-minute walk from the east gate of Sichuan University. The gate is at 30 Wangjiang Lu (Wàngjiāng Lù, 望江路). Buses 3, 19, 35 and 335 all stop by the park.

The large, serene River View Pavilion Park (Wàngjiānglóu Gōngyuán, 望江楼公园) overlooks the Jin River. Dedicated to Xue Tao, a famous female Tang Dynasty poet known to have an affinity for bamboo, the park features some 150 varieties of the plant.

The elaborately decorated pavilion that gives the park its name is the focal point, however. The 39 m (128 ft), four-story structure dates back to 1889, and is sometimes referred to as the Chongli Pavilion (Chónglì Gé, 崇丽阁) by the locals. The park is dotted with other graceful halls and pavilions worth exploring.

Elsewhere in the park you'll find a teahouse serving drinks made with water from the on-site Xue Tao Well (Xuē Tāo Jǐng, 薛涛井). The well and eponymous pavilion are both located in the park's cultural preservation area (wénwù bǎohùqū, 文物保护区)

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