Jinsha Museum


RMB 80 for an annual ticket (max. 15 visits)



How to get there:

No. 2 Jinsha Yizhi Lu (Jīnshā Yízhǐ Lù, 金沙遗址路), on the west side of Chengdu. Only 5 km (3 mi) a cab ride from downtown Chengdu costs roughly RMB 35.

The Jinsha archaeological site is one of the most important finds of the last 30 years and yielded extraordinary jade, gold and ivory figurines closely linked with the Sanxingdui site. The Jinsha Museum (Jīnshā Bówùgun, 金沙博物馆) houses artifacts pulled from pits on the west side of Chengdu.

As seen in the many ceremonial artifacts found on site, most notably the Golden Phoenix which is now on display in the museum, the society traded with other cultures as far away as Southeast Asia and had a very sophisticated religion. The Jinsha-Sanxingdui civilization flourished roughly 4,500 years ago, before suddenly vanishing never to be seen again.

The museum is modern and beautiful, and the displays are breathtaking in their scope, elegance and craftsmanship. If learning about ancient culture interests you, the plethora of jade and gold artifacts make this museum a good place to travel back in time.

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