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ch Sichuan opera at the Sichuan Opera Theater, in the Shunxing Old Tea House, in Shufeng Square inside People's Park, in Shufeng Yayun Garden, in Culture Park and in other teahouses and small theaters around town.


Museums & Galleries

For insight into regional culture and history, head to the Sichuan University Museum. You can view ethnic minority Miao, Qiang and Yi handicrafts, Tibetan artifacts and examples of the exquisite silk pieces that have given Chengdu the name "Brocade City." The Three Kingdoms Culture Exhibition Hall, situated within Wuhou Temple, provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Three Kingdoms Period of China's history in which Chengdu was capital of Shu Han (the Kingdom of Han). The Chengdu Museum of Modern Art hosts the Chengdu Biennale in even years, though at present a new museum complex is being built (call ahead to make sure it's open). The Giant Panda Breeding Research Center includes a panda museum. And don't forget exemplary Tang poet Du Fu's Cottage.

Festivals & Events

Chengdu is a great place for traditional celebrations. The Chengdu Lantern Show and Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival warm up late winter in the first weeks of the Chinese New Year. March, April and May see a series of festivals devoted to flora—welcome the arrival of spring at the Chengdu Flower Fair, Pengzhou Peony Festival or Chengdu International Peach Blossom Festival. You can bid summer farewell in at the Xindu Sweet-scented Osmanthus Festival during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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