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Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, 18 km (11 mi) west of Chengdu, offers Chengdu flights to and from several domestic and international destinations. Regular destinations include Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dalian as well as frequent flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and Lhasa. Departing visitors from Chengdu can take a 20-minute shuttle bus (RMB 3) from the China Southwest Airlines office on South Renmin Road (Rénmín Nán Lù, 人民南路). A taxi from the center of town to the airport costs around RMB 45.


Rail links Chengdu to a dozen some major Chinese cities including Beijing (8 hours), Shanghai (16 hours), Kunming (22 hours) and Xi'an (17 hours). Purchase tickets at the ticket booking office outside the railway station. Same-day tickets are scarce so make rail travel arrangements at least two days in advance. Some Chengdu hotels arrange train tickets for guests. The railway station is in the north part of the city, a half-hour drive from the city center.


Buses offer easy access to most of the scenic spots around Chengdu including Yibin, Emei Shan, and Leshan. The bus to Chongqing takes five hours. Three bus stations service Chengdu. The Xinnanmen Bus Station near the Traffic Hotel travels to most southern, western or eastern destinations around Sichuan, the North Bus Station near the North Train Station offers frequent minibuses to Chongqing, and buses departing Ximen Bus Station head north to places like Jiuzhaigou and Songpan.

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