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Chengde (Chéngdé, 承德) is best known for the Qing emperor and his court that grew to be larger than the Summer Palace combined. The selection of Chengde for the emperor's summer home also led over time to the establishment of an impressive series of temples. 

Chengde is worth several days to take in all its sights. The great Qing emperors' Tibet's Tibetan and Manchurian-style buildings and gardens that imitate the fantastic landscapes of southern China.

Though many structures have suffered neglect and damage over the years, a number have been recently restored. Alongside the remains of the imperial summer resort, the area's natural landscape has much to offer, from pleasant paths through woods and grasslands to the bizarre rock formation known as Sledgehammer Rock (Qìngchuí Fēng, 磬锤峰).

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