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Posted: August 3rd, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes Shanghai. His work has been featured in the Shanghai Youth Daily, the Oriental Morning Post, Guangdong Arts Magazine and others. Wu Hao is a member of XXV Photos and WIN-initiative. We saw his images of the Shanghai street and felt you should see them too. >>> I first learned photography in university four years ago, ever since then I started my wanderings on the streets. During my years in Shanghai,  I have been to nearly every corner of the city and captured peoples' lives: interesting moments would sometimes "jump out" surprisingly; every time I get a nice shot, it's like a gift. Now that I have graduated from university, I spend time doing social documentary projects and learning how to keep a balance between making a living and doing personal work. I still love to do street photography and observe the people and the life around me, no matter which city I go to. I took this picture in a Shanghai park. I saw an old man and a little girl standing near a lake watching people swimming. What really caught my eye was the way they both put their arms on their hips. The whole scene looked like a painting to me. Woman in pajamas, Shanghai © Wu Hao
This is another life-drama shot I got on the street. A woman in pajamas passes by a shop window with fake models. I once heard that Shanghainese like to spend their money on clothes instead of food, but at the same time they like to go out on street in pajamas. It's not a joke, it’s true. I saw people in pajamas on the street or in supermarket many times. I never figured out why they like to do so, but the pajamas and the fake models with beautiful clothes made this picture.
This shot is one of my most favorite street photos. I took it on the first day of 2011, after several snowfalls. The sunshine was comfortable on that day; I noticed some old citizens were hanging out near the wall of a residential area when I wandered passed with my camera. I tried to come closer and closer; I was a bit nervous that they may blame me for interrupting their good time, but they were so nice and even said "happy new year" to me. It really touches me each time I look at this one. The people you meet on the street could be so different, some act friendly to strangers, some don’t. As a street photographer, I can only smile at everyone and hope the world smiles at me. I found this scene on a tourism street of Shanghai: an old couple trying to hang their quilt. It’s a normal scene in summer. I was about to leave when I saw the old man stand on a chair, I stopped and went back. I thought it may be an interesting moment. Suddenly, their little grand-daughter came up next to them and seemed to be looking for a small stone to play with. It was like she had absolutely nothing to do with her grandparents. This shot reminds me that daily life is like a drama in which everyone plays themselves. To check out more of Wu Hao's work, go to his personal website, Wu Hao Photography.
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