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Calling all F1 drivers: meet me at the MagLev for the race of a lifetime | Bamboo Compass

Calling all F1 drivers: meet me at the MagLev for the race of a lifetime

by James Weir
Posted: March 31st, 2012 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Riding the Shanghai MagLev How fast does the Shanghai MagLev go? Technically speaking, really fast. This evening, I'll be departing for Chengdu for a weekend of sunshine in Sichuan. On the way to the Pudong Airport, I'll be taking the MagLev (which stands for magnetic levitation), a train that floats above the rails and whizzes across Pudong with a top speed of 430 kmh (268 mph). So in preparation of the upcoming Shanghai, I'll be using this opportunity to challenge any F1 driver out there to race me from the Longyang Lu Station (Lóngyáng Lù Zhàn, 龙阳路站) to the Pudong International Airport, at 6PM today. Race me, I dare you. Yeah, I'm talking you, pretty boy. Race me on the gritty reclaimed-swampland of Pudong. I'll be there. Where will you be, F1 hotshot? Getting a perm? Washing the finger-paint off of your dainty driver's gloves? Yeah. That's what I thought. You can't step to me. Your little put-put car probably tops out at like 350 kmh (218 mph). I bet your mom tells her friends that you're a teacher, or something. 350 kmh. Pfft. To any driver bold enough to accept this challenge, be there. Or forever bow in my presence.
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