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Posted: August 11th, 2010 | Updated: August 11th, 2010 | Comments
Josh Summers, Far West China, Xinjiang We've long been fans of Josh Summers' blog Xinjiang, organizing a lot of very useful and fun to read information gleaned both from his own personal experiences and a whole lot of careful research. Even though Josh has now upped sticks and made his way back Stateside, he still tends to the site as much as ever and has been busy putting together an excellent (and free!) Turpan which has had a very big thumbs up from the blogging community. Of late, he's also been focusing his abundant energies on creating the VPN or proxy in China. Here's part of his intro post from August 9:
Are you hoping to make a trip out to Xinjiang sometime in the next couple of years? If not…you should!… but if you are planning a trip I’d like to point you to a new section of the FarWestChina website that I am proud to unveil.

Xinjiang Travel Resources

Any person planning a trip to Xinjiang knows – or will quickly discover – that information on the province is thin. I don’t consider myself an expert on Xinjiang travel, but I have made my way around the province and it’s been my desire for quite some time to translate my experience into helpful travel resources. To that end I’ve spent a large portion of my recent free time developing the new Xinjiang Travel Resources section of this website. In this section you’ll find:
  • Xinjiang Maps: A (growing) collection of provincial and city maps that should help you understand the provincial layout and get around individual cities.
  • China Travel Books Guide: Not every travel book suits every traveler. I’ve compared the most popular China guidebooks to tell you which one is right for YOU.
  • Xinjiang Hotels: I don’t book hotels, I just recommend the ones I’ve used, seen, or heard about that I like.
  • Uyghur Language Guide: Want to learn a few basic Uyghur or Mandarin phrases? Listen as native speakers teach you the most often-used phrases.
  • Xinjiang Souvenirs: Learn about a few of the most popular souvenirs to take home from your trip…and get an idea for how much you should spend.
  • Xinjiang Food Guide: Get acquainted with what you’re going to eat! Learn which dishes you want to try and how to say them in both Mandarin and Uyghur.
  • And more…
Hopefully these resources can be of great benefit to you as you plan your trip to Xinjiang. These pages are still a work in progress, so if you have any comments or suggestions, I welcome you to contact me. Read more.
There's more from Josh Summers on ChinaTravel with his account of a two wheeled adventure, Xinjiang mutuoche diaries: Far West China by motorcycle.
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