Best tailored clothes in Shanghai at the South Bund Material Market

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Posted: March 24th, 2010 | Updated: May 6th, 2011 | Comments

I was just at the South Bund Material Market this weekend and took a couple pictures to make it easier for everyone else on to find. If you've never been, this is a great spot to get nice clothes that fit you right - no matter what your size! I know I've had a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit me, so I find shopping in here to be way more satisifying than in any of the malls and markets around town.

The material market comprises two buildings, not just one. Facing north towards the Bund, the building on the right is the smaller, less crowded building, which I like to shop at because it's a bit more relaxed with less people, but the quality and selection are nearly identical (maybe less selection?). I also like that you don't need to bargain much here because most of the times the vendors will offer prices that are pretty close to their bottom line. I'm a guy so, i've found that a short sleeve button up costs RMB 80 (and that's just for one, you might get more discount for larger orders) and long sleeves RMB 90-100, while suits go from anything from RMB 500-1000 depending on the material and complexity of design. RMB 80 for a perfectly tailored shirt is cheap!

Though most stalls have textile palettes, I found that just going through the stalls and sifting through the shirts made for others is a great way to visualize what is there and what looks nice.

Once you choose your material, they'll take your measurements and send them to the tailors, usually a one-week process, but pay more and the process is shorter. When you pick your clothes up, try them on, if anything isn't looking right to you, they'll make any adjustments necessary - free of charge. Quality service y'all! Also, right in front of the market you'll find vendors selling Tibetan jewelry and wares, fruit sellers, Uighur folk selling bbq'd meat skewers and delicious Uighur nougat and a hodge-podge of other snacks and goods. Here's a little map of the South Bund Material Market's place in relation to the nearest metro (Line 4 Nanpu Bridge Station) and Lujiabang Lu. After you're done there, you can continue walking to the Cool Docks (walk north then east) in about 20 mins, or Yu Garden (walk north then a little west) in about 30 mins. You'll be in the old city the whole time, which is cool, as you get to see all the little bazaars and shops around which Shanghai communities were based for the better part of a century.
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